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Happy Spring

March 20, 2019; 4:26 PM

Did you try to balance an egg on its end? Well if you couldn't do it, don't worry, you have just as good a chance of doing it tomorrow, or any of the next 364 days!

Eggs & Equinoxes 2019 copy.jpg

This myth was started by a Life magazine reporter in 1945 who learned of this "phenomena" in China. Now, it is still believed by many to be truth.

It is difficult to explain exactly what the equinox is in writing. So, take a look at this graphic.


Notice the tilt of the Earth. That does not change as it orbits the sun. The Earth follows the "orbital plane." Think of it as orbiting the outside of the Frisbee and the sun is in the middle of the Frisbee. Every planet in the solar system follows the same plane. Well, the Earth's tilt means the sun angle changes a little every day is it heads around sun.


Today, the sun's rays fall directly on the equator as you can see in the picture above. Check out this animation of how the sun angle changes throughout the year!

Even though the sun angle is exactly the same on the Spring Equinox as it is on the Fall Equinox, temperatures are much different. It takes a while for the higher sun angle to bring warming. The image below shows the temperature difference across North America during the Equinoxes.

OH! And, I'm sure you've heard. We have a supermoon tonight! A full moon on the Equinox, that's pretty cool, right! Read everything you need to know about the Super Worm Equinox Moon here!

Thanks for reading. Just look up; you never know what you will see.

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