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Snow, Ice Creates Travel Headaches from Dallas to Boston

January 17, 2013; 12:09 AM

A swath of snow snarled travel from Texas to New England Tuesday into Wednesday, while ice cut power to thousands of customers farther south.

The storm developed in Texas Tuesday morning, with booms of thunder accompanying snow in Dallas, Texas. A total of 0.3 of an inch fell, the normal for the entire month of January. reports that more than 425 flights were canceled and more than 355 flights were delayed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Tuesday.

A narrow band of snow spread northeastward from northern Texas Tuesday morning, reaching central Pennsylvania Tuesday night and Maine Wednesday morning.


Meanwhile, an ice storm unfolded south of the snow zone from northern Louisiana, southern Arkansas, northern Mississippi, portions of Tennessee and Kentucky. A quarter of an inch to half of an inch of ice accumulated on elevated surfaces such as trees, roads signs and power lines in the hardest-hit areas.

Trees were downed by the weight of ice in many communities. Thousands of customers lost power during the ice storm across the Deep South, according to Entergy, a power provider for portions Arkansas, Louisiana and western Mississippi.

Accidents were reported along treacherous, icy roads from Texas and Mississippi to Tennessee.

Snow Totals as of 5:00 p.m. EST Wednesday:

2 miles SSE Kingsbury: 4.0 inches
1 mile NNE Brownville: 4.0 inches
1 mile N Corinth: 3.5 inches
Millbridge: 3.5 inches

New Hampshire
Petersborough: 5.0 inches
Nashua: 4.5 inches
Hudson: 4.2 inches
Merrimack: 4.0 inches

Woodford: 6.5 inches
Landgrove: 3.2 inches
Pownal: 3.0 inches
Marlboro: 1.9 inches

Storrs: 5.0 inches
Foxboro: 5.0 inches
Amherst: 4.5 inches
Greenfield: 4.2 inches

Farmington: 4.8 inches
Burlington: 4.5 inches
Coventry: 4.5 inches
Hartford: 3.0 inches

Rhode Island
Cumberland: 5.0 inches
North Scituate: 4.2 inches
Providence: 4.2 inches
West Glocester: 4.1 inches

New York
Greenville: 6.3 inches
Freehold: 5.0 inches
Hudson: 5.0 inches
Jefferson: 4.8 inches

Hughesville: 5.0 inches
Point View: 4.5 inches
State College: 4.4 inches
New Bloomfield: 4.0 inches

1 mile SE Hillsboro: 0.5 of an inch
3 miles W Washington Court: 0.2 of an inch

Napoleon: 0.8 of an inch
3 miles NW Walton: 0.5 of an inch

Mountain Home: 3.0 inches
Newport: 2.0 inches
North Little Rock: 0.4 of an inch (*This breaks the old record of a trace set in 2009.)
Waldron: 0.8 of an inch

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