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How do I switch between English and metric units?
First make sure JavaScript is enabled in your web browser settings on your device then visit the My Settings page from the Menu to change units. Tap "Done" to save.
What happened to the radars that used to be on the site?
The classic radars are still available. Choose MAP.s from the radar and maps page.
How do I remove a city from the list?
Your browser's cookies save the last three locations accessed. As you search for new locations, stored locations will be replaced by the new locations. You cannot remove a city from the list.
Issues with the Weather Clock
Some Android devices come with a Weather Clock on the homescreen that was not built by AccuWeather. You will need to contact the device manufacturer if you are experiencing issues with the Weather Clock.
Why doesn't my radar animate?
Several Android devices do not support image animation. If the radar images animated on the old AccuWeather.com mobile site, try viewing animations on the the MAP.s page. If that does not work or there is no option to animate the radar, please let us know in the Contact form below.
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